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2020 SWEVT Training Conference!

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To promote growth and professionalism within emergency vehicle technicians by providing educational training courses and events that support recognized safety standards and the latest technology in the industry.

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2020 SWEVT training conference !!

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Our Mission

The TAEVT Board has proposed changes to the by-laws. Please take a moment to review these changes at the link below. The revised by-laws will be brought before TAEVT members for a vote at the SWEVT Conference. Thank you for you time and consideration of this matter.

Along with quarterly meetings and training opportunities, we also host special testing sessions for technicians to take certification tests. All of this is included in the annual membership fee!!  There is a $20 fee at the door for non members.  .

Public service announcement from TAEVT

Decontamination equipment

Total cost is about $83.00, it will quick connect into a Scott SCBA, and will cycle any cleaning/decon agent through it.  ALL parts were bought off the shelf at Home Depot.


HVLP spray gun - $58.18

25 ft. coil hose - $14.53

Female quick connect - $4.36

2 Male quick connect - $2.89/ea

Use hospital grade disinfectant or whatever your department currently uses for Decon of ambulance. Stay away from multiplex electrical screens. Dust lightly.

With the air-conditioning or heater system on, lightly dust the inside of the cab and all handles pay close attention to the floorboards. Please recommend cleaning of cabin air filters as often as humanly possible. 

Covid 19 is serious and we must protect our crew and team members

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Hat tip Fort Worth for the information.