For the low annual membership fee of $30, you get:

  • No charge admission to quarterly training events/classes state wide which include special EVT testing sites
  • Peer networking unbeatable in the industry

We partner annually with Oklahoma Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians to create a low cost, week-long training conference

Annual Membership/How to Join

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Mechanic A says that certain tasks are generic to all motor vehicles and can be performed by persons considered qualified by the authority having jurisdiction.  Mechanic B says that an emergency response vehicle is a complex piece of machinery and there are many components that are highly integrated.  Because of this complexity, NFPA requires that a person qualified as an emergency vehicle technician possesses minimum skills and knowledge to inspect, diagnose, identify correct replacement parts or repair procedures, and perform repairs.  Who is right?

To promote growth and professionalism within emergency vehicle technicians by providing educational training courses and events that support recognized safety standards and the latest technology in the industry.

  • Low cost training at $300 per person
  • Access to two EVT special testing sites, one before, and one after conference
  • Access to classes taught by professional factory level training instructors.
  • Access to endless peer networking

As we do our jobs, we all encounter "Bonehead" repairs, or complete fumbles in wiring repairs that we find and have to correct.  Email us your "Bonehead" repair find, along with a brief description, and we can post it for all to enjoy a good laugh! (No repair source company names will be disclosed or posted! )  This is meant for entertainment, not to embarrass a company or anyone.

Along with quarterly meetings and training opportunities, we also host special testing sessions for technicians to take certification tests. All of this is included in the annual membership fee!!  There is a $20 fee at the door for non members.  .


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2020 SWEVT training conference !!

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Complaint:  Circuit breaker keeps tripping when the light bar is turned on and all lights go out.......      This grounding disaster was found as cause.  There was a circuit connection to ground at each blue arrow, and the screw was the single source "ground" for the entire circuit and every wire connection with a blue arrow.     

 Quarterly Meeting

 July 20, 2019